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The island of Madeira is Portuguese and located off the north west coast of Africa

It boasts a sub-tropical climate

The scenery of Madeira is reminiscent of Bali or Hawaii with its lush green landscapes and sub tropical climate.  Aswell as offering gorgeous hot and sunny summers it is an ideal winter destination with temperatures generally in the 70's between October and April.  The island of Madeira is 35 miles long and 16 miles wide! The central area of Madeira is volcanic whilst elsewhere the vegetation is lush and beautiful flowers bloom all year and in fact the island's Flower Festival takes place every May and is not to be missed! Many know Madeira as the Floating Garden of the Atlantic or The Island of Eternal Springtime! The capital of Madeira is Funchal, located on the south east coast.  All the hotels are either located in the centre of the capital or just above it offering breathtaking views.  There aren't any beaches in Funchal but lots of Lidos and platforms from where you can swim in the sea or sunbathe and dip your toe in the warm waters.  Calheta, located in the south west corner of the island has manmade sandy beaches and a fabulous marina.  The island of Porto Santo is the only place where you will find real sandy beaches; you can reach the island by ferry from Funchal.  It is a incredibly pleasant 2 hour trip; you can go as a pedestrian or with a car.  Madeira has so much to offer everyone - it is a piece of paradise in the Atlantic :  watch our video and prepare to be enchanted!

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