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Hotel Su Gologone, a family own charming boutique hotel restored with love and passion is surrounded by blue sky, red geraniums, hydrangeas, bougainvillea and the prickly pears. This hotel is all about the tradition, art and culture. Every detail expresses the authenticity of this land: the furnishings and materials used are as Sardinian as they come, including juniper wood, ancient ceramics, terracotta and white plaster with periwinkle inlays – the same blue that is used to dye the traditional costumes of Oliena. This place encapsulates the very essence of Sardinian culture: untainted nature, ancient customs, time-honoured cuisine and great hospitality.

Sardinian cuisine expresses a simple, genuine, frugal approach to life, with strong, authentic flavours. Examples of this approach include the local sheep's cheeses, the fire-roasted meats, the crunchy flatbread, the flavoursome olive oil and the pasta made by hand every day by Sardinian women, who demonstrate and teach the secrets of their art to those who want to learn.

The aromas then come thick and there is a gastronomic itinerary composed of the fragrances and flavours of tradition, all of which are a delight to discover, starting with the no-carbon-footprint breakfast, with Oliena honey, jams, cheeses and Sardinian charcuterie, as well as the typical breads and sweets baked daily in the kitchen. The lunches and dinners have simple, rich, unforgettable perfumes: maccarones de busa (Sardinian gnocchi) and culurgiones (ravioli filled with a type of ricotta cheese found only here), porceddu allo spiedo (spit-roasted suckling piglet), and seadas al miele (honey fritters), which provide the perfect ending to a memorable meal.

The Craft Workshops

There are a total of six workshops housed in the old stables, showcasing the best work done by local artists and artisans. They are veritable workshops of design, pottery, painting and embroidery. This is the birthplace of objets d'art in the “Su Gologone” style: wonderful shawls, valuable fabrics with exceptionally refined embroidery, pieces made from iron and wood, and ceramics with extraordinary shapes and colours.

These art boutiques are also teaching workshops offering courses in sewing, embroidery, origami, drawing and painting. Everything used to furnish Su Gologone can be purchased here.

Exhibited in a beautiful piece of 1940s furniture, you will also find infusions, essential oils and bath products made using aromatic herbs from the garden, such as myrtle, juniper, helichrysum and the strawberry tree.

Creative Courses

Decoration: Every Saturday and Sunday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm
Sewing class: Monday Thuesday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Embroidery: Wednesday to Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Origami: Every Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Painting: Wednesday to Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Drawing: 2 hours every day
Mosaic: 2 hours every day


Every room embodies Sardinia's history and is a little work of art summing up the lives and labours of patient weavers, nomadic shepherds and talented artists. The rooms are a sequence of surprises and marvels that are very much worth discovering.

Deluxe Rooms: All of the traditional rooms feature Sardinian furnishings, with bright colours that stand out against the characteristic white Sardinian plaster; some have a four-poster bed, made from iron or wood, as was customary at one time in the local homes.

Art junior suite: 11 suites and 12 junior suites, each dedicated to a great 20th-century Sardinian artist, including Francesco Ciusa (considered the island's finest sculptor), Federico Melis, Giuseppe Biasi and Edina Altara. The rooms feature traditional (often period) furnishings, authentic designer pieces, art books and precious embroidery created by the skilled hands of the women of Oliena.

Art suite: With fireplace, a lovely Juniper and beam out, on a garden terrace, the bath such as once, without whirlpool, because sciuperebbe with its noise silence of this atmosphere suspended in time; or with a large relaxation area, the games of the past and the window when open it makes you breathe the scents of herbs.

Two separate areas with a double bedroom or twin beds and a living area

The shepherd's rooms: Two suites and two bedrooms, with built-in beds, white-resin floors and juniper-wood beams that run along the ceiling. All of the fabrics used are those of the shepherding tradition: there is orbace (a woolen fabric produced through an age-old process), as well as hide and Sardinian wool. The wooden furnishings have been carved by local cabinet-makers.

In the garden, there is a scene depicting shepherds returning from grazing their flocks; the wooden cut-outs were created by Liliana Cano – one of the greatest Sardinian artists of the 20th century. Su Gologone has a wonderful collection of her pieces.

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Junior Suite

12 junior suites, each dedicated to a great Sardinian twentieth century artist like Federico Melis, Giuseppe Biasi, Edina Altara. The rooms are furnished with traditional, often period furniture, authentic pieces of the author, art books and precious embroideries made by the skilled hands of the women of Oliena.

Deluxe rooms

All with Sardinian furnishings, bright colors that stand out on the characteristic Sardinian white plaster; some have a canopy bed, in iron or wood, as was once used in the homes of this land.

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