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Piemonte also know as Piedmont is Italy's second largest region and also the most authentic one!

Piedmont is a region bordering France and Switzerland with the Alps being a dominant feature of this charming province. The French influence is reflected in its dialect, architecture and cooking, as well as the wondrous and magnificent scenery. Piedmont is also renowned internationally for its wines such as Barolo and its cheeses and truffles. Piedmont is Italy’s most varied region and a place where it is still possible to enjoy the “real Italy.“ The region is untouched by mass tourism and hidden gems are scattered throughout. The diversity of the landscape is incredible, as well as the variety of cultures and traditions. Saluzzo and the surrounding area are dominated by the towering alpine peak of Monviso – the source of the mighty river Po. The town is only just over an hour by car from Torino and from the world renowned Langhe wine district, where you can taste superb Barolo and Barbaresco wines. Within 30 minutes' drive you will find the Alps and the Occitans.

Piemonte also know as Piedmont is Italy's second largest region and arguably the most authentic one. From being the starting point of the Slow Food Movement to producing one of the finest wines in the world you are sure to find the very best in Piemonte. It emerged from the chaos of the Austrian wars, when the noble house of Savoy provided the nascent nation with its first prime minister and its dynastic royal family. 

The region is well know for its Barolo & Barbaresco Wines as well as for its White Truffles and for one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy. Charming small towns such as Alba, Neive, Saluzzo and others are just some of the places which you will be able to discover yourself during your travels. Due to the terrain of this area and its diversity we strongly recommend car hire as you will be able to enjoy the region at your own pace and discover the hidden gems of this area in your own way.

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The famous Michelin starred chef Giorgio Locatelli recently described Piedmont as 'Italy's Best Kept Secret!' Piemonte has just been awared a UNESCO World Heritage Status, specifically for the beautiful 'Vineyard Landscapes of Monferrato, Langhe and Roero'.

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