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Boutique stay in the regions of Emilia Romagna & La Marche

Emilia Romagna is the home of great food and wine boasting some amazing locations!

With daily scheduled flights to Bologna, Parma & Rimini from many UK airports, it is very easy to reach this beautiful region, and once you are there, with its straight-forward road system, it's also very easy to get around. Its gentle hills, picture-postcard perfect landscapes, rich culture and many unknown small historic towns this area has a lot to offer to the seasoned traveller. The area is famous for many things from Ferrari cars to Parma Ham; Parmesan cheese to Renaissance art and architecture; not to mention the long stretch of sandy beaches on the Adriatic coast.

These regions have something to offer all year round with the added flair of the renowned Italian passion and creativity to entice their visitors. Their gentle hills make the area popular with cyclists, who will enjoy cruising around the region admiring the picturesque countryside and breathing in the fresh air.

Dotted along the Via Emilia road are proud, historic towns, filled with restored medieval and Renaissance Palazzi, the legacy of a handful of feuding families – the Este in Ferrara and Modena, the Farnese in Parma, and lesser dynasties in Ravenna and Rimini – who used to control the area before the papacy took charge. The largest urban centre, and the main tourist draw, is Bologna, the site of Europe’s first university – and today best known as the gastronomic capital of Italy. It’s generally regarded as one of the country’s most beautiful cities with a maze-like network of porticoed, medieval streets housing a collection of restaurants that easily live up to the town’s reputation.

To the west are the wealthy, provincial towns of Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilia, easily reached by train, and each with their own charming historic centres and gastronomic delights, while to the east lies Ravenna, once the capital of the Western Roman Empire and today home to the finest set of Byzantine mosaics in the world. The Adriatic coast to the south is somewhat overdeveloped, although Rimini, at its southern end, provides a spark of interest, with its seaside nightlife and surprisingly historic town centre.

Away from the central artery, Emilia-Romagna’s countryside comes in two topographical varieties: flat or hilly. To the north lies one of the largest areas of flat land in Italy, a primarily agricultural region where much of the produce for the region’s famed kitchens is grown. It also boasts a good deal of wildlife, particularly around the Po Delta on the Adriatic (a soggy expanse of marshland and lagoons that has become a prime destination for birdwatchers) and in Ferrara, just thirty minutes north of Bologna, one of the most important Renaissance centres in Italy.

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Packages in Emilia Romagna and La Marche Regions

Emilia Romagna, Borgo Conde Resort Break with Wine Tasting

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Truly amazing Tuscan like setting and beautiful Borgo, offering qulality stay surrounded by wines and amazing countryside

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Urbino Resort & Spa 4-Star Wine Experience in central Italy

from £599pp

Enjoy Tuscany like settings without the price tag in the charming Boutique Hotel with stunning facilities and location with amazing wine experience, one not to be missed!

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An Italian discovery - Emilia Romagna wine tour with Guide

from £1099pp

Discovering Award Winning Wines in the region of Emilia Romagna with a small escorted tour. Same holiday can also be arranged as self drive independently on the dates you prefer. Please enquire.

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