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Finnish Lapland is the ultimate winter wonderland!

Snowy landscapes, pine forests, frozen lakes and of course the Northern Lights!

Finnish Lapland is the ultimate winter wonderland offering serene snowy landscapes and cosy accomodation in the midst of wild nature.  The mountains here reach heights of up to 800 metres; they look down upon pine forests and vast frozen lakes.   Finnish Lapland is one of the best places to witness the stunning phenomenon of the northern lights which appear on more than 200 nights per year enchanting you with their breath-taking display.  View them from the comfort of your glass igloo, aurora cabin or pod, tucked up in the warmth of a cosy bed by a roaring fire. 

The wealth of outdoor activities includes snowshoeing and skiing as well as driving a husky sledge, being pulled along by reindeer or sitting astride a snowmobile.   Finnish Lapland is steeped in the mysticism and legends of the indigenous Sami people; you will enjoy plenty of opportunities to meet them and learn about their culture and traditional skills.  Finnish Lapland is also recognised as the home of Father Christmas and his helpers - the elves!

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