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Estonia and its capital city Tallinn

A country where every corner is different; a bustling medieval capital city but close to miles of remote wilderness

One of the first songs Estonians learn begin with the words "My home is tiny but it is dear to my heart". Estonia is tiny, just a little bigger than Denmark, Swtizerland or the Netherlands.  Every corner of Estonia is different and the thousands of islands off the western coast offer a totally different experience than the expansive forests along the eastern border.  It is located so far north that is is on the same latitude as parts of Alaska and Siberia.  Summer is often so warm that the white sandy beaches are full of sunbathers.  There are actually four main beaches in Tallinn alone.  In the summer the Baltic sea reaches temperatures of over 20 degrees centigrade and the sun shines for 18 hours... total darkness never falls!  Everything is delightfully compact in Estonia.  A few hours will get you from one end of the country to the other; you can replace the hubbub of the city with a Sylvan Lake.  

Tallinn is the oldest capital in Northern Europe.  Today Tallinn is home to just over 400,000 people.  The Old Town of Tallinn is one of Europe's best-preserved medieval walled cities and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Estonia is famous for its distinctive spires, red roofs and cobblestone squares.  But the narrow winding streets and mysterious archways offset a modern and youthful side to the city.  It is this blend of cultures, ancient and modern which provides Tallinn's alluring colour and vibrancy.  The Rotermann Quarter houses shops, boutiques, offices and restaurants.  The baroque Kadriorg Palace,built by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great in the 18th century is the most outstanding landscaped park in Estonia and only a short walk from the centre.  

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