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A Unique Walled City on the sea, Dubrovnik is a fascinating place to visit in Croatia

Dubrovnik was established as an independent republic in 1358 by people escaping when Slavs ruined the Roman city of Epidaurus, known as Cavtat today. The republic was built inside the city walls and became one of the Mediterranean's most powerful places w

Dubrovnik, a world heritage site city, is a great place to visit for a week long stay, as well as for day trips. It's a very popular stopping place on the Adriatic coast for cruise ships. During the day the city is very busy when it is 'invaded' by cruise passengers, but the tranquil atmosphere returns once the day trippers leave to go on board their luxury cruise liners. By 4 pm you can have the city almost to yourself when it is very pleasant, less crowded and temperatures are just right to explore the place at your own pace. The evenings are also magical as life goes on well into the evening, with restaurants and shops open till late to entertain both tourists staying in the city and suburbs, as well as local residents.

The green Mediterranean landscape, the azure depths of the Adriatic, white sea cliffs, fragrances of herbs growing in the clearings, historical gardens and the aquarium with the most intriguing species of the sea world are all part of the heritage which the visitors discover in Dubrovnik and its surroundings.

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