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Still resistant to mass tourism and preserving its culture, history and more importantly its beautiful rugged coastline and thousands of islands, Croatia has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe in recent years.

In Croatia there is a real fusion of civilisations and great blend and harmony from south to north. While the Dalmatia coast and the southern cities are heavily influenced by Italy as it was under Roman and Venetian rule for centuries, the northern territory has more of a German and Austrian influence.

The clichéd tag line 'as the Mediterranean once was' is really still true for Croatia, as the country has kept its cities, towns and shoreline clean, well maintained and restored. It offers a real charm away from the mass developments and the high rise modern buildings which pollute many Mediterranean holiday destinations for the sake of mass tourism.

Heavily influenced by neighbouring Italy with its architecture, lifestyle and cuisine, Croatia is a true gem in the Adriatic Sea waiting to be discovered. With miles of unspoilt coastline, the Dalmatia coast and equally beautiful colourful islands offer great holiday options, from basic but nice three star hotels to luxury state of the art boutique hotels. There is something for every budget and taste and this alone makes Croatia a good holiday choice. One can have many different holidays in Croatia without visiting the same place twice. Each area of Croatia, from Zagreb to the Northern territory, from the islands of Dalmatia to the World Heritage site city of Dubrovnik offer great holiday options, whether for a short city break or for a week long touring adventure holiday through beautiful National Parks such as Krka National Park, one of the many waiting to be discovered.


Top image courtesy of Croaatia Tourist Boatrd. Photography by: Mario Romulić & Dražen Stojčić

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